APAS Registered Patent

  Patent No. Type of Patent Patent Title Project Information
1 HK30063296 HK Short 交流-直流功率转换系统及其控制方法 ITP/038/17AP - Development of High Power Silicon Carbide Power Module for Electric Vehicle Quick Chargers
2 CN 202210364043.2 PRC invention 用于电动车快速充电的功率转换系统的控制方法及装置 ITP/038/17AP - Development of High Power Silicon Carbide Power Module for Electric Vehicle Quick Chargers
3 HK30049804 HK Short 基於由磨床改造的柔性金屬纖維制備設備 ITP/041/20AP - Development of CME Flexible Metallic Fiber Physical Porous Part Fabrication Process and Machine Tools Retrofit Mechanism for 3D Lightweight and Thermal Management Auto Parts Production
4 HK30038104 HK Short 一種抗菌及抗病毒的光催化複合材料及其製備方法 ITP/085/18AP - Development of Visible Light Anti-bacteria and Anti-odor Coating Materials for Vehicle Interiors
5 ZL 201820765844.9 PRC Utility 一種陣列式LED 智能汽車頭燈 ITP/072/16AP - Development of Matrix LED Automotive Headlamp
6 HK30059671 HK Short Term 一種自動識別裝配組件的方法和系統 AI Master for 5G Technology
7 HK30060873 HK Short Term 一種多層軸向磁通電機控制系統 Lightweight High-Efficiency Multi-layered Axial Flux Motor Control System
8 ZL 202121508233.4 PRC Utility 一種自動駕駛汽車遠程控制駕駛系統 ITP/036/19AP - Development of Tele-operated Driving System Based on 5G Communication and Secured Platform of Vehicle Cloud
9 HK30045771 HK Short Term 一種自動駕駛汽車遠程控制駕駛系統
10 ZL 202121597084.3 PRC Utility 一種線控轉向系統和自動駕駛載具 ITP/077/18AP, Development of Fault Tolerant Steer-by-Wire System for Automated Driving Vehicles
11 HK30043358 HK Short 一種線控轉向系統和自動駕駛載具
12 HK30043744 HK Short 一種充電機器人 ITP/049/21AP - Development of Smart Autonomous Platform for Electric Vehicle Auto-charging System
13 ZL 2020 2 2833444.7 PRC Utility 智能無人自動泊車系統 ITP/051/18AP - Development of Smart Remote Automatic Parking Module for Electric Vehicles
14 HK30040344 HK Short Term 用於估計交通場景中兩點間距離的方法、設備及存儲介質 ITP/044/19AP - Signalized Intersection Collision Avoidance Platform by V2I application
15 ZL 202022293587.3 PRC Utility 電動制動助力器和包括該電動制動助力器的車輛 ITP/076/18AP - Development of Electric Brake Booster for Electric/Autonomous Vehicles
16 HK30036737A HK Short Term 一種可拆卸組合式回填式攪拌摩擦點焊工具 ITP/021/19AP - Development of Refill Friction Stir Spot Welding (RFSSW) Technology and Retrofit Equipment for Dissimilar Materials Components Joining in Lightweight Vehicles
17 HK30027783 HK Short Term 一種用於智能駕駛車的路面對象識別系統 ITP/060/19AP - R&D of a Vision System based on Fusion of A.I. Convolutional Neural Network and Novel 79GHz Millimeter-Wave Radar for Autonomous Vehicle
18 HK30014314 HK Short Term 一種使用深度學習模型檢測睡意的方法、設備及系統 ITP/070/18AP - Contactless A.I. drowsiness detection system based on sensor fusion
19 HK30033486 HK Short Term 智能無人自動泊車系統 ITP/051/18AP - Development of Smart Remote Automatic Parking System for Electric Vehicle
20 HK30029267 HK Short Term 電動制動助力器和包括該電動制動助力器車輛 ITP/076/18AP - Development of Electric Brake Booster for Electric/Autonomous Vehicles
21 ZL 2020 2 172643.X PRC Utility 電動車用崁入式電池電化學阻抗譜的測量裝置 ITP/069/16AP - Development of onboard Li-ion Battery Monitoring and Fault Diagnostic System based on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
22 HK30027292 HK Short Term 電動車用崁入式電池電化學阻抗譜的測量裝置
23 HK30027291 HK Short Term 一種複合材料加工裝置 ITP/081/18AP - A Solution for the In-house Production of Thermoplastic Composite Prepreg for the Production of Lightweight Auto Parts
24 HK30027782 HK Short Term 基於物聯網的電動汽車充電方法及裝置 ITP/090/15AP - Smart EV Charging Station based on Dynamic Power Management System
25 CN208170285U PRC Utility 一種汽車尾燈自由曲面導光板 ITP/026/16AP - Development of LED Freeform Light Plate for Automotive Rear Lamp
26 CN211764897U PRC Utility 用於驅動車輛的驅動裝置及汽車 ITP/037/17AP - Development of Efficient In-wheel Motor Control with Sensor Fault-tolerant Operation for Electric Vehicle
27 HK30011312 HK Short Term 用於驅動車輛的驅動裝置
28 HK30016735 HK Short Term 一種基於粉末冶金及擠壓技術的泡沫金屬制造工藝及裝置 ITP/056/18AP - Metal Feedstock Foaming Technology for Realising Lightweight and High Performance Automotive Parts
29 ZL 2016 1 0294588.5 PRC Invention 一種負載範圍擴展的軟開關雙向相移變換器 ITP/047/12AP - A 100kW Quick EV Charger with Active Filtering and Matrix Charging Technologies
30 US 10.618.522 B2 US Non Provisional Drowsiness Detection and Intervention System and Method ITP/071/16AP - Smart Safety Seat Belt with Bio-Feedback System for Driver Drowsiness Detection and Intervention
31 ZL 201821584138.0 PRC Utility Onboard detection and intervention system and onboard detection system
32 ZL 2015 1 0893716.3 PRC Invention 基於 MOST 光纖網路的斷線重連方式 ITP/026/13AI - Development of Next Generation Scalable and Integrated Infotainment System
33 CN209471323U PRC Utility An Electrochromic Glass Manufacturing Setup ITP/086/15AP -Development of economical electrochromic glass with light transmission control and heat block for automotive application
34 HK1253665 HK Short Term An Electrochromic Glass Manufacturing Setup
35 CN104633009B PRC Invention 動力傳遞系統和扭矩傳遞裝置 ITP/006/12AP - Development of Enhanced Micro Hybrid Powertrain Systems
36 HK1250457A (Published No.) HK Short Term 可配置用於檢測BMS功能的電池仿真系統及方法 ITP/035/15AP - Development of Battery Cell Simulator for the Functional Verification of BMS
37 CN105262159B PRC Invention 充放電同口控制超級電容管理裝置及其系統 ITP/048/12AP - Development of Efficient Hybrid Energy System with Supercapacitor and Battery for Optimal Power and Energy Management
38 HK1203289 HK Short Term A Method and a Device for Detecting Moving Object ITP/015/13AI - New Generation Advanced Driver Assistance System
39 ZL 2011 1 0024170.x PRC Invention 一種車載MOST網絡系統 ITP/001/09AP - Infotainment System for Mass Transportation Vehicles
40 1227618A
(Publication No.)
HK Short Term A Hybrid Energy Storage System For New Energy Vehicle Based On dSPACE And Motor Dyno System GHP/001/13AZ - Hybrid Energy Storage System for New Energy Vehicles
41 HK1193888 HK Standard Technological Platform for Traffic Information Collection and Integration ITP/039/09AP - A Technological Platform for Traffic Information Collection and Integration
42 ZL 2012 1 0487354.4 PRC Invention 一種多源交通資料融合方法
43 ZL 2016 2 1208965.0 PRC Utility 基於光子晶體光嚮應增強技術的石墨烯紅外傳感器 ITP/033/13AP - Development of Graphene based Spectral Infrared Detectors for Automotive Safety Applications
44 HK1216480 HK Short Term A Laser-Assisted Stamping Process of Making High Strength and Lightweight Parts and its Apparatus Design ITP/019/14AP - Development of Laser-Assisted Progressive Forming (LAPF) Process for Fabrication of High Strength and Lightweight Automotive Parts
45 ZL 2016 2 0493672.5 PRC Utility 激光輔助沖壓高強度及輕量化零部件的裝置
46 HK1215352 HK Short Term Multi-Standard Smart EV Mobilized Charger ITP/016/13AI - Development of Mobilized EV Charging Service Vehicle and Combo Fast Char
47 HK1217604 HK Short Term Automatic Electric Ground Service Equipment Parking Bay Monitoring System ITP/075/14AP - Automatic Electric Ground Surface Equipment Parking Bay Monitoring System based on Vision
48 HK1181560A HK Standard A Method and System for Equalizing a Battery Pack ITP/032/10AP - Integrated Battery Pack System for EV
49 CN 103023111A
(Publication No.)
PRC Invention 一種用於均衡電池組的方法和系統
50 CN102903876A
(Publication No.)
PRC Invention Modular design of the battery pack device
51 HK1174882 HK Standard A method of aligning control of electric steering system for vehicles ITP/003/10AP -Electrical Power Assisted Steering for EV and HEV Phase II

(Publication No.)

PRC Invention 車輛用電動助力轉向系統回正控制的方法
53 HK1186500 HK Standard A Device for Nitriding Piston Rings Using Plasma Immersion ION Implantation (PIII) ITP/016/10AP - Application of Quasi-Direct-Current Plasma Immersion Technique to Enhancement of Surface Properties of Automobile Components
54 CN103361595B PRC Utility Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation(PIII) Nitriding of Piston Rings
55 CN102819009B PRC Invention Driver localization based on modified energy comparison with two microphones ITP/034/09AP - 3G Automobile Infotainment System with Voice Interface
56 US 8833780 B2 US An Active Suspension System and Method ITP/025/09AP - Direct-drive Linear Switched Reluctance Actuator for Automobile Active Suspension Systems
57 201110116587.9 (Filed No.) PRC Invention 基於機器視覺的行人檢測方法及行人防撞預警系統 GHP/057/08AP - Pedestrian Warning and Protection System
58 201110116569.0 (Filed No.) PRC Invention 一般預防行人碰撞的行人檢測方法
59 201110039667.9 (Filed No.) PRC Invention 一種基於圖像的車輛防撞預警方法 ITP/006/09AP - Development of Advanced Collision Avoidance System
60 201110038255.3 (Filed No.) PRC Invention 一種基於後視圖像認知的車載盲區預警系統及方法 ITP/039/08AP - Development of Integrated Lane Assist System
61 US 8725346 B2 US Non Provisional Collision Severity Determination System and Method ITP/003/09AP - Vehicle Safety Enhancement System Based on Wireless Communication
62 ZL 201010261356.2 PRC Invention Integrated battery charger and motor drive systems ITP/040/07AP - Integrated battery charger and motor drive systems
63 US 8,228,021 B2 US Non Provisional Non-Convention Converter Circuit ITP/013/07AP - Low cost direct drive for electric vehicles
64 ZL 200810169476.2 PRC Invention 車前燈及其照明方向偏轉控制方法 ITP/029/07AI - Development of Automobile Advanced Frontlight System