APAS Registered Patent

  Patent No. Type of Patent Patent Title Project Information
1 ZL 200810169476.2 PRC Invention 車前燈及其照明方向偏轉控制方法 ITP/029/07AI - Development of Automobile Advanced Frontlight System
2 US 8,228,021 B2 US Non Provisional Non-Convention Converter Circuit ITP/013/07AP - Low cost direct drive for electric vehicles
3 ZL 201010261356.2 PRC Invention Integrated battery charger and motor drive systems ITP/040/07AP - Integrated battery charger and motor drive systems
4 US 8725346 B2 US Non Provisional Collision Severity Determination System and Method ITP/003/09AP - Vehicle Safety Enhancement System Based on Wireless Communication
5 201110038255.3 (Filed No.) PRC Invention 一種基於後視圖像認知的車載盲區預警系統及方法 ITP/039/08AP - Development of Integrated Lane Assist System
6 201110039667.9 (Filed No.) PRC Invention 一種基於圖像的車輛防撞預警方法 ITP/006/09AP - Development of Advanced Collision Avoidance System
7 ZL 2011 2 0028561.4. PRC Utility 一種液壓回路的歧管以及安裝在歧管內的密封部件 GHP/047/07AP - To Develop a Versatile Hydraulic Control Unit (HCU) for an Integrated Chassis Electronic Stability Control (ESC) System
8 201110116569.0 (Filed No.) PRC Invention  一般預防行人碰撞的行人檢測方法 GHP/057/08AP - Pedestrian Warning and Protection System 
9 201110116587.9 (Filed No.) PRC Invention  基於機器視覺的行人檢測方法及行人防撞預警系統
10 US 8833780 B2 US  An Active Suspension System and Method ITP/025/09AP - Direct-drive Linear Switched Reluctance Actuator for Automobile Active Suspension Systems
11 CN102819009B PRC Invention Driver localization based on modified energy comparison with two microphones ITP/034/09AP - 3G Automobile Infotainment System with Voice Interface
12 CN103361595B PRC Utility Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation(PIII) Nitriding of Piston Rings ITP/016/10AP - Application of Quasi-Direct-Current Plasma Immersion Technique to Enhancement of Surface Properties of Automobile Components 
13 HK1186500 HK Standard  A Device for Nitriding Piston Rings Using Plasma Immersion ION Implantation (PIII)

(Publication No.)

PRC Invention  車輛用電動助力轉向系統回正控制的方法 ITP/003/10AP -Electrical Power Assisted Steering for EV and HEV Phase II 
15 HK1174882 HK Standard  A method of aligning control of electric steering system for vehicles
16 CN102903876A
(Publication No.)
PRC Invention Modular design of the battery pack device ITP/032/10AP - Integrated Battery Pack System for EV  
17 CN 103023111A
(Publication No.)
PRC Invention  一種用於均衡電池組的方法和系統
18 HK1181560A HK Standard  A Method and System for Equalizing a Battery Pack
19 HK1217604 HK Short Term  Automatic Electric Ground Service Equipment Parking Bay Monitoring System ITP/075/14AP - Automatic Electric Ground Surface Equipment Parking Bay Monitoring System based on Vision
20 HK1215352 HK Short Term  Multi-Standard Smart EV Mobilized Charger ITP/016/13AI - Development of Mobilized EV Charging Service Vehicle and Combo Fast Char
21 ZL 2016 2 0493672.5 PRC Utility  激光輔助沖壓高強度及輕量化零部件的裝置 ITP/019/14AP - Development of Laser-Assisted Progressive Forming (LAPF) Process for Fabrication of High Strength and Lightweight Automotive Parts 
22 HK1216480 HK Short Term  A Laser-Assisted Stamping Process of Making High Strength and Lightweight Parts and its Apparatus Design
23 ZL 2016 2 1208965.0 PRC Utility 基於光子晶體光嚮應增強技術的石墨烯紅外傳感器 ITP/033/13AP - Development of Graphene based Spectral Infrared Detectors for Automotive Safety Applications
24 ZL 2012 1 0487354.4 PRC Invention  一種多源交通資料融合方法 ITP/039/09AP - A Technological Platform for Traffic Information Collection and Integration
25 HK1193888 HK Standard  Technological Platform for Traffic Information Collection and Integration
26 1227618A
(Publication No.)
HK Short Term A Hybrid Energy Storage System For New Energy Vehicle Based On dSPACE And Motor Dyno System GHP/001/13AZ - Hybrid Energy Storage System for New Energy Vehicles
27 ZL 2011 1 0024170.x PRC Invention 一種車載MOST網絡系統 ITP/001/09AP - Infotainment System for Mass Transportation Vehicles
28 US 9500175 B2 US Non Provisional Invention Motorcycle engine control system and method for enabling the use of traditional crankshaft ITP/040/13AI - Development of Advanced and Integrated Motorcycle Electronic Fuel Injection System
29 HK1203289 HK Short Term A Method and a Device for Detecting Moving Object ITP/015/13AI - New Generation Advanced Driver Assistance System
30 CN105262159B PRC Invention 充放電同口控制超級電容管理裝置及其系統 ITP/048/12AP - Development of Efficient Hybrid Energy System with Supercapacitor and Battery for Optimal Power and Energy Management
31 HK1250457A (Published No.) HK Short Term 可配置用於檢測BMS功能的電池仿真系統及方法 ITP/035/15AP - Development of Battery Cell Simulator for the Functional Verification of BMS
32 CN104633009B PRC Invention 動力傳遞系統和扭矩傳遞裝置 ITP/006/12AP - Development of Enhanced Micro Hybrid Powertrain Systems
33 HK1253665 HK Short Term An Electrochromic Glass Manufacturing Setup ITP/086/15AP -Development of economical electrochromic glass with light transmission control and heat block for automotive application
34 CN209471323U PRC Utility  An Electrochromic Glass Manufacturing Setup
35 ZL 2015 1 0893716.3 PRC Invention 基於 MOST 光纖網路的斷線重連方式  ITP/026/13AI - Development of Next Generation Scalable and Integrated Infotainment System
36 ZL 201821584138.0 PRC Utility   Onboard detection and intervention system and onboard detection system ITP/071/16AP - Smart Safety Seat Belt with Bio-Feedback System for Driver Drowsiness Detection and Intervention
37 US 10.618.522 B2 US Non Provisional  Drowsiness Detection and Intervention System and Method
38 ZL 2016 1 0294588.5 PRC Invention 一種負載範圍擴展的軟開關雙向相移變換器 ITP/047/12AP - A 100kW Quick EV Charger with Active Filtering and Matrix Charging Technologies
39 HK30016735 HK Short Term 一種基於粉末冶金及擠壓技術的泡沫金屬制造工藝及裝置 ITP/056/18AP - Metal Feedstock Foaming Technology for Realising Lightweight and High Performance Automotive Parts
40 HK30011312 HK Short Term 用於驅動車輛的驅動裝置 ITP/037/17AP - Development of Efficient In-wheel Motor Control with Sensor Fault-tolerant Operation for Electric Vehicle
41 CN211764897U PRC Utility 用於驅動車輛的驅動裝置及汽車
42 CN208170285U PRC Utility 一種汽車尾燈自由曲面導光板 ITP/026/16AP - Development of LED Freeform Light Plate for Automotive Rear Lamp
43 HK30027782 HK Short Term 基於物聯網的電動汽車充電方法及裝置 ITP/090/15AP - Smart EV Charging Station based on Dynamic Power Management System
44 HK30027291 HK Short Term 一種複合材料加工裝置 ITP/081/18AP - A Solution for the In-house Production of Thermoplastic Composite Prepreg for the Production of Lightweight Auto Parts
45 HK30027292 HK Short Term 電動車用崁入式電池電化學阻抗譜的測量裝置 ITP/069/16AP - Development of onboard Li-ion Battery Monitoring and Fault Diagnostic System based on Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy
46 ZL 2020 2 172643.X PRC Utility 電動車用崁入式電池電化學阻抗譜的測量裝置
47 HK30029267 HK Short Term 電動制動助力器和包括該電動制動助力器車輛 ITP/076/18AP - Development of Electric Brake Booster for Electric/Autonomous Vehicles
48 HK30033486 HK Short Term 智能無人自動泊車系統 ITP/051/18AP - Development of Smart Remote Automatic Parking System for Electric Vehicle
49 HK30014314 HK Short Term 一種使用深度學習模型檢測睡意的方法、設備及系統 ITP/070/18AP - Contactless A.I. drowsiness detection system based on sensor fusion
50 HK30027783 HK Short Term 一種用於智能駕駛車的路面對象識別系統 ITP/060/19AP - R&D of a Vision System based on Fusion of A.I. Convolutional Neural Network and Novel 79GHz Millimeter-Wave Radar for Autonomous Vehicle
51 HK30036737A HK Short Term 一種可拆卸組合式回填式攪拌摩擦點焊工具 ITP/021/19AP - Development of Refill Friction Stir Spot Welding (RFSSW) Technology and Retrofit Equipment for Dissimilar Materials Components Joining in Lightweight Vehicles
52 ZL 202022293587.3 PRC Utility 電動制動助力器和包括該電動制動助力器的車輛 ITP/076/18AP - Development of Electric Brake Booster for Electric/Autonomous Vehicles
53 HK30040344 HK Short Term 用於估計交通場景中兩點間距離的方法、設備及存儲介質 ITP/044/19AP - Signalized Intersection Collision Avoidance Platform by V2I application