Commercialisation Models

The Centre is offering following four types of cooperation business models:
1. Collaborative Research Projects
Based on the customers specific product requirements or further R&D enhancements, through a new project cooperation, Centre can work closely with customers to convert platform project IP into products.
2. Technology IP Licensing
Provided with the non-exclusive IP licensing and technical support from the Centre, customers can develop the product per their own requirements. Technology IP licensing terms mainly include two portions: NRE and royalty.
3. Technology IP Transfer
The Centre offers a complete buyout model for the developed platform project IP.
4. Others
The Centre welcome other new business cooperation to be explored together with customers.

Available Technology Transfer Projects
1. An Image-based Distance Estimation Method for ADAS & Traffic Scene
2. Contactless A.I. drowsiness detection system based on sensor fusion
3. 50kW Fast EV Charging Station
4. ISO26262 Compliant Battery Management System
5. Smart EV Charging Station Load Management System
6. High Efficiency Silicon Carbide (SiC) Motor Controller
7. Smart Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) System for Electric Vehicles
8. Autonomous Delivery Mover (MiniMover)
9. EV with Body-Integrated Super-Capacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS)