20kW Smart Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Product Features

  1. CHAdeMO DC smart and fast charging
    -Voltage: 120~400V. Maximum output current: 40A
  2. SAE J1772 AC semi-fast charging
    -Voltage: 220V@50Hz, Maximum output current: 30A
  3. Normal BS1363 AC slow charging
    -Voltage: 220V@50Hz, Output current: 13A
  4. Two AC power inputs: (1) 3-phase 380V@60A (2) Single-phase220V@50A
  5. Three charging outlets support more than one vehicle charging concurrently
  6. Support common local e-payment smartcards: Hong Kong Octopus and Macau Pass and generic RFID smartcard
  7. Charging gun locks to protect the guns from accidental dropping on floor
  8. Comprehensive User Interface and user-friendly operation
  9. Authentic kiosk design fit for limited space in metropolitan indoor parking slots
  10. Charge time
    - Nissan Leaf: 80 mins (20-95%), 30mins (50-80%)
    - Mitsubishi iMieV: 85 mins (20-95%), 27mins(50-80%)
  11. Actively being used in auto OEM service center

Control panel

Control panel



Charging station kiosk outlook



CHAdeMO fast charging gun



SAE J1772 charging gun


Nissan LEAF can be quick-charged to full power in one hour

Nissan LEAF can be quick-charged to full power in 80 mins.