Wireless Electric Vehicle Charger

The Wireless Electric Vehicle Charger (WEVC) charges the Electric Vehicle (EV) via the air by magnetic resonance. The WEVC transmits electrical energy from transmitter coil on the ground to the receiver coil on the EV chassis with high energy transfer efficiency. APAS has developed a high efficiency and safe WEVC with medium charging power and magnetic flux leakage protection. It is designed to the SAE standard J2954 on wireless power transfer and it is compatible to European, American, Japan and Chinese EVs.

Major Benefit

1. Make Electric Vehicle charging more convenient

2. Medium charging power (7kW - can charge up a BMW i3 in 3 hours)

3. Magnetic flux leakage protection

4. Design to SAE standard J2954 for high compatibility

Application Area

1. Pure Electric Vehicle (PEV)

2. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

3. Other battery powered vehicles