Smart Mobile EV Charger

Smart Mobile EV Charger is a mobilised emergency charger that offers roadside assistance when an Electric Vehicle (EV) is out of power. It takes 4 minutes to give the battery-drained EV an extra 20km mileage so that the EV can reach the nearest charging station for proper charging.

Major Benefits

1. Provide effective charging services to ease EV drivers’ range anxiety

2. Fast charging for 4 minutes to gain 20km ranging distance, or charge an EV to 80% in just 40 minutes*

3. All-in-one solution for different EV standards including Japan CHAdeMO, Euro IEC CCS (Combo2) and IEC 62196 single-phase

4. Promote EV adoption in the community

* Estimation based on Nissan Leaf or BMW i3

Application Areas

1. Public parking areas (e.g. shopping centres, public car parks)

2. Emergency roadside charging service