Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) for EV

Li-ion batteries are high energy density in nature but not an ideal solution for frequent high power loads of typical cycles. Although ultracapacitors have higher power density, extra-long charge-discharge cycle life, its energy density is relatively low. Such properties make ultracapacitors excellent complementary ESS device to Li-ion battery for EV application. The newly developed HESS was tested with our in-house dynamometer. Since the ultracapacitor module shares most parts of the high current loads, the average current in Li-ion battery pack reduced. As a result, the battery life can be extended.

Major Benefit

1. Control software developed by Model Based Development (MBD) has high reusability and robustness

2. Effectively extend battery life 

3. Improve available power of ESS, hence  better vehicle performance can be achieved

Application Area

1. Pure Electric Vehicle (PEV)

2. Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

3. Other energy storage systems