10kW Smart Charging Station for Electric Vehicles


An efficient charging station network is essential for the market development of Electric Vehicles (EVs). The required time and ranging distance per charge have ever been key concerns for relinquishing existing gasoline vehicles. In this project, an advanced charging control strategy was developed and proven in a charging station prototype. APAS is looking forward to cooperate with industry partners in contribution of EV charging station development for Hong Kong.

Product Features

  1. Quick-charging function to shorten the recharging time and improve the State of Health of battery (compatible to Level 2 SAE J1772).
  2. Synchronization between charging station and EV’s Battery Management System enables the smart charging effect.
  3. Enhanced protection mechanism and fault diagnosis improve product safety and reliability.


  1. 10kW charging station prototype with quick-charging and fault diagnosis function.
  2. Charging control strategy for Li-ion battery. High power electronics technology for charging station.

Basic Specifications

  1. Input voltage: AC380V, 50Hz (three phase)
  2. Output voltage: DC48~200V (continuously variable)
  3. Output current: 1~80A (continuously variable)
  4. Maximum power: 10kW

Cooperation Models

  1. Intellectual Property licensing or acquisition.
  2. Further cooperation to customize and design-in this technology per customer request.

Target Users

  1. Charging station infrastructure service providers, for example, electricity power operators, public transport services.
  2. Charging station product suppliers, EV tier-one, OEM and auto parts manufacturers.

Smart Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Smart charging station prototype

Smart Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Smart Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

Touch screen LCD user interface of the charger

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