12-metre Plug-in Hybrid Electric Coach

The 12-metre Plug-in Hybrid Electric Coach, the-first-of-its-kind to be designed, developed, and assembled in Hong Kong, can recharge its Lithium Titanate batteries on the fly, thereby fulfilling the busy turnaround cycles required by the commercial fleet operator. As compared to traditional diesel coaches, it can save at least 40% fuel and reduce 50% emission. Fuel can be further saved if batteries are recharged at the fast-charging stations. It only needs 25 minutes to charge up to 80% battery level.

Major Benefits

1. Zero emission under pure electric driving mode

2. Achieve up to 50% fuel saving as compared to traditional diesel coach 

3. Travel continuously without stopping for recharging. Suitable for commercial vehicles in busy operation 

Application Areas

1.Coach, school bus and circular route bus

2. Can operate in zero emissions zones under pure electric mode