Low Cost Direct Drive for Electric Vehicles


Nowadays most of the electric vehicles (EV) use one motor to drive either two front or rear wheels. In this project, an innovative technology was developed as to integrate the switched reluctance motor (SRM) into the wheel. It enables stronger torque, and the original bulky drivetrain mechanical compartment in the vehicle can be greatly reduced. It results the vehicle size to be more compact or the saved space can be spared for other car-design purposes.

Product Features

  1. Simplify mechanical interface compare to conventional vehicle design.
  2. Advanced power electronic designs with optimal control and balance on the wheel speeds concurrently.
  3. High torque motor.
  4. Excellent power-speed characteristics.
  5. Individual wheel speed control enables a small turning radius.


  1. Design method and fabrication of the direct-drive SRM prototype at 5kW power.
  2. Position tracing drive.
  3. Characterization of the 2D VR actuator.
  4. Control method of directional control and power regeneration.
  5. Development of the interface with the overall electrical system.

Cooperation Models

  1. Intellectual Property licensing or acquisition.
  2. Further cooperation to customize and design-in this technology to specific EV models..

Target Users

  1. Tier-one EV manufacturers.
  2. Automotive parts OEMs.

Low Cost Direct Drive for Electric Vehicles
Testing the EV prototype with in-wheel SRMs

Low Cost Direct Drive for Electric Vehicles
Driver console