ISO26262 Compliant BMS

Battery Management System (BMS) was re-developed in compliance with ISO 26262 ASIL C which is on par with the safety integrity level set by leading car makers. Detailed technical design was derived from holistic high-level safety analyses including HARA, FTA, FMEA, HAZOP, etc. As a result of complying with stateof- the-art engineering practices, the correctness and completeness of requirements, specifications, and technical implementation were verified. The outcome is a significant improvement in quality, reliability, and safety – a hallmark of the automotive electronic control system.

Major Benefits

1. Provide diagnostic coverage for Single Point Fault Metric (SPFM), Latent Fault Metric (LFM) and quantitative target of Probabilistic Metric for random Hardware Failure (PMHF)

2. Use AUTOSAR OS as Software Element Out Of Context (SEooC) to boost efficiency of software development

3. Maintain holistic work products for development of ISO 26262 systems

Application Areas

1. Battery Management System

2. Vehicle Control Unit

3. Safety Critical Automotive Control Systems