Swappable Battery Low Platform Electric Minibus & Truck

The Swappable Battery Low Platform Electric Minibus is natively designed to cater for busy commercial vehicles operation in Hong Kong. The drained battery can be automatically replaced with a fully charged battery within 7 minutes, which is 8 times faster than recharging the battery. Without sacrificing commercial fleet efficiency, this zero-emission bus greatly enhances the roadside air quality. The stable low floor chassis design offers better accessibility for children and elderly. It also has a monitoring systemto send realtime operation data to the fleet centre.

In March this year, APAS cooperated with ADORE, CUHK Medical Centre (CUHKMC) and Shui Cheong Motors to convert the electric minibus into the " ADORE VaxMobile" with negative air pressure function to provide timely vaccination protection for more citisens in need.

Major Benefits

1. Zero roadside emission

2. Fast battery swapping in less than 7 minutes

3. The low floor design is safe and easy for passenger boarding and alighting the minibus

4. Real-time data feedback of passenger counts, seat-belt monitoring and vehicle running data to fleet operation centre

Application Areas

1. Public minibus, Company shuttle bus, School bus

2. Delivery truck