Swappable Battery Pure Electric Minibus

The unique 7-meters 19-seaters Pure Electric Minibus is natively designed to cater for busy commercial vehicles operation in Hong Kong. The drained battery can be swapped quickly and fully automatically with a full-power battery in the swappable battery station. The Electric Minibus is no longer required to wait for long recharging time. This Electric Minibus has the low floor design which provides a safe, stable and comfortable journey to passengers. It also equips a monitoring system to send real-time operation data to fleet center.

Major Benefit

1. Zero roadside emission

2. Fast battery swapping in less than 7 minutes

3. The low floor design is safe and easy for passenger boarding and alighting the minibus

4. Real-time passengers counting, seat-belt monitoring and vehicle running data feedback to fleet operation center

Application Area

1. Public minibus, company shuttle bus, school bus

2. Delivery truck