300kW Pantograph High Power Charging Station & Pure Electric Minibus

300kW Pantograph High Power Charging (HPC) Station supports international CCS OppCharge standard thereby fulfilling the busy turnaround cycles required by the commercial fleet operators. It only takes 8 minutes to charge the Pure Electric Minibus up to 80% battery level at the Pantograph HPC Station. The battery status of the minibus can be known in advance through Wi-Fi, so as to provide a suitable charging current. Pantograph HPC charging station also works for the 12-metre Hybrid Electric Coach developed by APAS, which takes 15 minutes to charge up to 80% battery and supports prolonged and emergent operations in hybrid mode.

Major Benefits

1. Charging speed 6 to 8 times faster than the 50kW quick charger

2. Compliance with international CCS OppCharge protocol for charging safely

3. Quick charge solution to cater for busy commercial vehicles operation 

Application Areas

1.Public minibus

2. Coach