Retired EV Battery Mobile Charger

The Retired EV Battery Mobile Charger provides medium charging to Electric Vehicles (EV) or supplies alternating current (AC) electricity. Since a retired EV battery pack still has 60-80% of the original capacity, it is still useful for less demanding energy storage applications so as to extend the life cycle of EV batteries. Besides, the real-time status information is uploaded to the backend server via mobile network. Administrators can monitor and remotely control the on/off of the Mobile Charger.

Major Benefits

1. Repurpose retired EV batteries to extend their life cycle

2. Real-time online monitoring of charger and battery status (e.g. operating mode, battery voltage, current, state-of-charge, transaction records)

3. Remotely control the on/off of the mobile charger

Application Areas

1. Mobile EV charging service

2. Mobile or emergency power source (e.g. at roadworks, during power outage)