Smart Electric Brake Booster

Brake Booster is a key device that increases the force applied from the brake pedal to the master cylinder during vehicle braking. The traditional vacuum brake booster utilises the pressure difference between atmosphere and vacuum to provide auxiliary force for the brake. APAS has developed a vacuum-independent, high performance, electric brake booster that meets the demand of a modern braking system. It can be used with all drivetrain configurations and is particularly suited to EVs and automated driving vehicles.

Major Benefits

1. Smaller volume and easy installation by omission of vacuum pump and pipes

2. Flexible pedal characteristics adjustable by software

3. Highly dynamic shortens stopping distances for automatic emergency braking

4. Regenerative braking to increase driving range up to 15%

5. Enable brake-by-wire function

Application Areas

1. Pure Electric Vehicle (PEV)

2. Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)

3. Automated driving vehicles