Smart Mobility

Fault Tolerant Steer-by-Wire System

Fault Tolerant Steer-by-Wire System is a technology developed for autonomous driving. SbW replaced the mechanical linkages between the steering wheel and the steering rack mechanism with the linkage of sensors, controllers and electrically controlled actuators. The creation of SbW is based on intelligent digital model, which can optimise steering related parameters to provide a personalised and natural steering experience to users. More

Autonomous Driving R&D Platform

The Autonomous Driving R&D Platform is equipped with robust drive-by-wire capability, Artificial Intelligence platform, HD cameras and 3D LiDAR. A 5G receiver is installed on the platform by CMHK, enabling it to be controlled through 5G signal. It is built with multiple levels of operational redundancy, putting functional safety as top priority. At any point, the driver can regain full control. More


Roadside LiDAR and V2X Technologies

Due to the limitations of an autonomous vehicle’s sensing and perception system, such as limited detection range and sensor blind spots, the ability of autonomous driving to respond to unexpected situations is still intensively concerned. With considerations on cost and safety, an active safety control system with roadside LiDAR based on perception system will become necessary for the scaling up and commercialisation of autonomous vehicle. More


Autonomous E-tractor Assessment

The autonomous E-tractor equipped with 2 sets, total of 8 high-definition cameras and 3 optical radars, which is safer and smoother than traditional manual driving. This project was extensively tested by APAS to ensure the quality, safety and stability of the tractor, and function properly in the dedicated area of Hong Kong International Airport. The tests cover a variety of situations which is possible to encounter in the daily operation, such as crossing curved roads, merging lanes, tunnels or roundabouts. APAS provided professional recommendations and assessment reports about the satisfaction on both functional and safety requirements. More

Autonomous Delivery Mover (MiniMover)

The Autonomous Delivery Mover, MiniMover, is equipped with an advanced sensor suite. Through the technologies of deep learning and sensor fusion, MiniMover is capable of planning suitable path with collision avoidance of stationary or moving obstacles in a crowded and dynamic environment. Moreover, Minimover can take loft rides and passthrough doors autonomously by communicating with elevators and doors. More

Smart Remote Diagnostics System

Unpredicted interruption of ser vice due to component or system failure is a costly penalty to fleet operators. Periodic maintenance is one of the preventive measures to counter the problem. However, replacing parts ahead of its failure increases maintenance costs. Smart Remote Diagnostics System is powered by IoT and big data analytics, with predictive maintenance algorithm to predict part failure in its infancy. Thus, unpredicted service interruption can be avoided and maintenance cost is minimised.More

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is developed to enhance on-road safety and driving experience. The system helps to avoid collisions and accidents by image detection technology that alerts the driver of potential problems on road. More