Smart Mobility

Autonomous R&D Platform

The autonomous R&D platform is equipped with robust drive-by-wire capability, Artificial Intelligence platform, 8 HD cameras and a 3D Lidar. A 5G receiver is installed on the platform by CMHK, enabling it to be controlled through 5G signal. It is built with multiple levels of operational redundancy, putting functional safety as top priority. At any point, the driver can regain full control. More

Autonomous E-tractor Assessment

The autonomous E-tractor is an innovative initiative in the airport running between the staging area and cargo apron. As a first trial, extensive tests are carried out to ensure quality, safety, and robustness of the tractor to work in the dedicated region. Tests cover a wide range of situations found in daily operations, like running through curve road, merging lane, tunnel, roundabout and etc. Finally, professional recommendations and assessment reports about the satisfaction on both functional and safety requirements will be provided by APAS. More

Autonomous Delivery Mover(MiniMover)

The Autonomous Delivery Mover, named as MiniMover, is equipped with a sensor suite comprising 3D LiDAR, cameras, GPS, Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and ultrasonic sensors. Through the technologies of deep learning and sensor fusion, MiniMover is capable of planning suitable path with collision avoidance of stationary or moving obstacles in crowded and dynamic environment, such as buildings, parks or warehouses, in order to delivering goods in short distance autonomously. More

Advanced OBD with Predictive Maintenance System

Unpredicted interrupt of service due to component or system failure is a costly penalty to fleet operators. Periodic maintenance is one of the preventive measures to counter the problem. However, replacing parts ahead of its failure increases maintenance costs. Advanced On-board Diagnostics (OBD) is powered by IoT and big data analytics, APAS predictive maintenance algorithm predicts part failure in its infancy. Thus, unpredicted interrupt of service is avoided and maintenance cost is minimized. More

Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are developed to enhance on road safety and driving experience. The system helps to avoid collisions and accidents by image detection technology that alerts the driver for potential problems on road. More

Vehicle System Controller

Vehicle System Controller (VSC) coordinates driver inputs with powertrain sub-systems including Battery Management System (BMS) and Motor Control Unit (MCU). It plays a crucial role in management of energy flow for enhanced driving experience, efficiency and safety. It also handles brake force distribution between regenerative braking feature and hydraulic brake. APAS’s VSC takes automotive functional safety (ASIL C) into design consideration which provides over 97% diagnostic coverage of single point fault. More