5G Tele-operation

5G tele-operation of an autonomous vehicle, the application utilises the advantages of 5G network technology: low latency and high data transfer rate to enable distant driving with high resolution video streaming of the traffic condition. Tested on various frequencies (3.5GHz / 4.9GHz / 26 – 28GHz) of 5G tele-operation technology, driver in the driving simulator controls a car with real time video streaming from the car regardless of the location, while enjoying realistic driving experience.

Major Benefits

1. Low latency and higher bandwidth for video streaming, providing a more realistic driving experience

2. Enable tele-operation in a remote area without too much infrastructure investment

3. Enable control of many vehicles by 1 driver

Application Areas

1. Remote driving in harsh environment, such as Port / dock / landfill

2. Inspection in construction sites

3. Inspection in restricted areas, e.g. sewage / drainage