Fault Tolerant Steer-by-Wire System

Fault Tolerant Steer-by-Wire System is a technology developed for autonomous driving. SbW replaced the mechanical linkages between the steering wheel and the steering rack mechanism with the linkage of sensors, controllers and electrically controlled actuators. The creation of SbW is based on intelligent digital model, which can optimise steering related parameters to provide a personalised and natural steering experience to users.

In order to fulfil the safety requirements, electrically controlled actuator is designed with fault tolerant feature. 2 magnetically, mechanically and thermally isolated windings were built in the steering motor, if either of the windings break down due to short circuit or open circuit, the steering function is guaranteed to ensure the vehicle can still pull off safely to the hard shoulder under an emergency situation.

Major Benefits

1. Enable future autonomous development by going Steer-by-Wire

2. Remove the mechanical linkage between steering wheel and steering rack

3. Fault tolerant in a cost-effective solution

Application Areas

1. Autonomous driving vehicle

2. Industrial motor control system with enhanced safety requirement