[Invitation] APAS Automotive Technology Summit 2023 - New Energy and the Hydrogen Chapter

The world's demand for energy is increasing rapidly, The new energy can not only replace traditional energy, but also be inexhaustible, and able to handle the global demand for energy. Hydrogen energy is one of the new energy sources. The production process only generates electricity and water without emitting any pollutants or greenhouse gases. It is a new power source that improves energy utilisation and reduces exhaust emissions. The Hong Kong government " 2022 Policy Address " and " Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Development Blueprint" both mentioned the application of using new energy and hydrogen energy, in order to promote green transportation, develop green environmental protection, new energy vehicles and smart mobility.

APAS will host the " APAS Automotive Technology Summit - New Energy and the Hydrogen Chapter" on 9 May 2023 (Tuesday). Speakers from new energy sectors are invited to give keynote speeches to share new energy and hydrogen technology latest development and business opportunities. There is also exhibition to showcase the latest R&D results.

Date: 9 May 2023 (Tuesday)
Time: 15:00 - 17:30
Language: Cantonese
Physical: 4/F, Conference Hall, HKPC Building (Registration start at 14:30)

Program Rundown: