Project Funding Scheme

Funding Introduction:

The Centre focus on supporting projects that would apply existing technologies to develop products that are suitable for after-market or supplying to Asian auto makers, such as those in Mainland China. In addition, we tend to favor projects that have strong elements of system integration. The objective is to assist new and existing component suppliers to increase their technical capability and cluster their capabilities to develop high value-add systems meeting the demands of OEM's and the Tier 1 markets. The time duration for each project item is typically from 6 months to 2 years. The three types of projects are:

  1. Platform Research Programme

Projects are primarily aimed to benefit the industry or a certain sector of industry in a general manner. Applications are open to universities, institutions, and trade and industry associations. This requires support from at least one industry sponsors who should make cash contribution of at least 10% of the total project cost.

  1. Collaborative Research Programme

Projects designed to those companies that aim to further develop a specific product but require research and development support. Applications are open to private companies who must collaborate with a local public-funded research institute (e.g. a university or Hong Kong Productivity Council) and which require at least 50% cash contribution from the industry sponsor.

  1. Contract Research

Projects refer to projects that the R&D Centre undertakes for a company on a specific topic with a full cost recovery basis.

For project applicants who have worthy ideas, but a full proposal may need further strengthening such as lacking adequate industry sponsorship or uncertain of its commercial value, a one-page pre-proposal submission is encouraged to illustrate the market potential and the merits for commercial adoption. APAS staff will work with the proposer to further develop the concept into a full proposal.

Guangdong - Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme (TCFS)

TCFS is a sub-programme under the Innovation and Technology Support Programme of the ITF. It aims to enhance the level of collaboration on R&D between organizations in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province. Projects funded by the TCFS will have to demonstrate an element of Guangdong/Hong Kong cooperation (e.g. collaboration between research institutes and enterprises in Guangdong and Hong Kong).

Research and Development Cash Rebate Scheme

The Research and Development (R&D) Cash Rebate Scheme aims to reinforce the research culture among business enterprises and encourage them to establish stronger partnership with designated local public research institutions. Under the Scheme, a company will receive a cash rebate equivalent to 40% of its expenditure, please refer to Research and Development Cash Rebate Scheme web site for detail.

Form of Funding Support

Funding support is normally given as a grant. Different types of project will have different portion of ITF funding. Funding for projects classified into Platform Technology and Collaborative R&D projects are up to 90% and 50% respectively, while no funding support is provided for Contract Research. All grants will be disbursed by instalments to the approved projects. The grants may be used for meeting the manpower, equipment and other direct costs specifically required for the conduct of the project.

Proposal Invitation, Vetting and Approval

"Market driven" R&D will be taken from a bottom-up approach. Companies can joint with Research Institutions or Universities to submit proposal for research funding. Applications for funding are normally invited in the spring. Platform Technology proposals are accepted following a solicitation announcement, and Collaborative R&D projects are accepted on a continuous basis. Proposals will be assessed by technical and business experts for technical content and innovative elements as well as value proposition of the technology and prospect of commercialisation. Only projects with exceptional merits would be funded. Funding priority will be given to those projects that have considerable innovation and technology contents and can contribute substantially to innovation, technology upgrading and commercial value proposition in industry and those that have demonstrated strong support from industry.

For parties interested to submit a project proposal or form a project collaboration with APAS, please refer to documents available at Download Area.

For APAS  Call for Proposals application and submission procedures:

By choosing “ITSP Tier 1 Proposal Application” at Innovation and Technology Commission Funding Administrative Systemand attach a technology white paper;

Please refer the Guide to Filling in the ITSP Applications Forms. For university project applicants, please refer the  Supplementary Note (for Universities) to The APAS R&D Centre Project Funding.

Please refer the latest Application Forms.