APAS R&D Project (2015 - 2016)


 Project Ref No.Project TitleProject CoordinatorProject PeriodFunds Approved (HK$'000)
1 ITP/024/15AI To develop An ISO26262 Compliant Battery Management System Ms zhiru LIU 01/09/2015-31/07/2017 2,324
2 ITP/035/15AP Development of Battery Cell Simulator for the functional verification of BMS Mr Anthony Ah-yin SHUM 16/11/2015-15/05/2017 2,459
3 ITT/017/15AI Dual Channel 2-50 kW Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicle Mr Daniel Hang-chuen SIU 01/10/2015-28/02/2017 518
4 ITP/027/15AI Research and Development of a 16-Tonne Full-Electric Truck with Hook Lift for Solid Waste Collection Mr Chup-chung WONG 12/10/2015-11/08/2017 9,842
5 ITP/051/14AP Development of Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Nanostructured Low-Friction Coating on Automotive Engine Dr Wai-yin LO 16/11/2015-15/05/2017 2,456
6 ITP/028/15AP Research and Development of a Smart Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) System for Electric Vehicles Mr Daniel Hang-chuen SIU 15/12/2015-15/06/2017 2,718
7 ITT/009/15AI Dual Channel 2-50 kW Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicle Mr Daniel Hang-chuen SIU 15/01/2016-30/07/2017 913
8 ITT/023/15AP A 50kW Stand-Alone Fast EV Charger Using Resonant Topology Dr Kevin Ka-wing CHAN 28/12/2015-27/02/2017 1,869
9 GHP/057/14AP Development of Electric Vehicles with Body-Integrated Super-Capacitor Energy Storage System  Prof Eric Ka-wai CHENG 01/02/2016-31/01/2018 3,780
10 ITP/013/15AI To develop a two-stage vacuum high pressure die casting technology for production of high strength Mr Kwok-keung LEE  01/01/2016-31/12/2017 4,738
11 ITP/025/15AI The Development of Super-capacitor Module and Management System Prof Stephen Shaoyi LIAO 01/02/2016-31/01/2018 2,881
12 ITP/066/15AI Innovation development of hybrid moulding technologies with effective adhesion/bonding mechanism for the production of carbon composite auto parts Mr Kwok-keung LEE 15/01/2016-14/01/2018 1,440