Objectives of our test lab

  • The purpose of the R&D Centre test lab is to support the research projects for automotive parts and accessories, as well as to provide testing services to the industry.
  • Our services include providing testing facilities and testing technologies. We can also help developing test plans, analyzing data, design test fixtures, providing diagnostics and technical supports.
  • Our test lab is located at level LG2 inside the Hong Kong Productivity Council Building.
  • Our test lab is ISO9001:2015 certified.

Lab Equipment and Facilities

  • Using our equipment, we can provide durability and reliability tests under most of the environmental conditions, including high/low temperature, humidity, thermal shock, vibration, electromagnetic compatibility, salt spray corrosion, dust, condense water and rain water splash testing.
  • With our high speed and high resolution data logging system, by connecting to different types of sensors, we are able to collect multi channel test data as well as to process and analyze the data in many different ways.
  • Furthermore, our test lab has equipped with a vehicle lifter. The automotive parts can be practically installed onto the vehicle, to perform data acquisition and to conduct a test.