Advanced and Integrated Motorcycle Electronic Fuel Injection System

The advanced and integrated electronic fuel injection system for motorcycles uses sophisticated control algorithm to realise the optimum air-fuel ratio so as to fulfil the Euro- IV Emission Standard. The system is able to calibrate different types of motorcycle engines through the tailor-made tuning software. The system is also equipped with advanced On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) and Bluetooth module to help the driver inspect the motorcycle operation status and diagnose the motorcycle faults for timely maintenance.

Major Benefits

1. Enhance fuel efficiency and reduce emissions

2. Improve the drivability under different engine operation modes

3. Low retrofit cost of electronic fuel injection for conventional carburetors

4. Inspect the motorcycle status and diagnose the motorcycle faults

Application Areas

1. Motorcycle engines (to fulfil Euro-IV Emission Standard)

2. Industrial machines with small engines (such as lawn mower)