Green Transportation

Portable Charger Kit

Portable Charger Kit (PCK) is a handheld electric vehicle charger that works with proprietary AC power socket (PCK Socket) through wireless authentication. After parked the vehicle, the driver simply plugs the charger to a nearby PCK Socket and gets medium fast charging for the vehicle. It eliminates the traditional wall mount AC chargers by simple PCK Sockets which are small, low cost and easy for installation and maintenance. It is no longer a hurdle to install many PCK Sockets in car parks to be utilized by more electric vehicles.More

Smart EV Charging Station Load Management

Smart EV Charging Station Load Management System can monitor and analyze the power usage of each Electric Vehicle (EV) charger in real-time. EV chargers provide rated power (100%) when there are only a few EVs. When more EVs connect to the system for charging, the System can reduce the power output of the EV chargers (e.g. to 50%) so as to allocate additional power to new coming EVs.More

12 metre Plug-in Hybrid Electric Coach

The 12-metre Plug-in Hybrid Electric Coach, the-first-of-its-kind to be designed, developed and assembled in Hong Kong, can recharge its Lithium Titanate batteries on the fly, thereby fulfilling the busy turnaround cycles required by the commercial fleet operator. As compared to traditional diesel coaches, it can achieve at least 40% fuel saving and 50% reduction in emission. There will be further fuel saving when the batteries are recharged at the fast charging stations. It only needs 25 minutes to charge up to 80% battery level. More

16 tonne Pure Electric Truck

The 16-tonne Pure Electric Truck is equipped with high efficiency Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) and high capacity battery pack for long range driving. The integrated motor controller and modular battery pack can be fine-tuned and suitable for different driving ranges and road gradients for Hong Kong and Mainland China Market.More

Smart Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) System for Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have the hidden benefits of performing as mobile power sources. Smart Vehicle-to-Home System (EVPOSSA V2H standard) can facilitate EV batteries as energy storage devices for households. If there is time variant tariff, EV users can charge their EVs by renewable energy sources or by power grid when the tariff is low. With V2H system installed, the electrical power stored in the EV batteries can then be transferred to their households in peak hours when tariff is high. It saves electricity cost and also helps to relieve the high power consumption situation in peak load hours. Moreover, EVs can now serve as emergency power sources when there are power outages.More

Wireless Electric Vehicle Charger

The Wireless Electric Vehicle Charger (WEVC) charges the Electric Vehicle (EV) via the air by magnetic resonance. The WEVC transmits electrical energy from transmitter coil on the ground to the receiver coil on the EV chassis with high energy transfer efficiency. APAS is developing a high efficiency and safe WEVC with medium charging power and magnetic flux leakage protection. It is designed to the SAE standard J2954 on wireless power transfer and it is compatible to European, American, Japan and Chinese EVs. More


Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles

APAS's Battery Management System (BMS) supports 96 Battery cells connected in-series with nominal voltage of 350V. There are individual temperature measuring sensors and contractors to ensure the safe operation. The system host accurate State of Charge (SOC) estimation within 5% base on Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) algorithm. The algorithm also utilizes a mathematical model for State of Health (SOH). The 3 independent Controller Area Network (CAN) channels on BMS provide system integration flexibility.More

Smart EV Mobilized Charger

The Smart EV Mobilized Charger breakthrough the limitation of charging facilities which must be stayed at fixed locations. It can reach to electric vehicles to provide flexible charging services where the charging station is not available. It can also provide emergency charging for battery-drained EVs on road. This charger supports various EV standards at either fast or medium-fast speeds in coorespondence to driver's needs.More

50kW IEC CCS EV Quick Charging Station

The 50kW charging station supports two major worldwide EV quick charging standards - Japan CHAdeMO and Euro IEC CCS (Combo2). It can finish charging a sedan EV up to 80% full in 30 minutes. The charging station offers a comprehensive quick charge solution to cover both Japanese and European EVs.More

charger kiosk-s

20kW Smart Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

This project is the advanced version of previous 10kW Smart Charging Station prototype and now being developed into a professional and marketable product. This 20kW Smart Charging Station supports worldwide industrial EV charging standards and integrated with local smartcard e-payment system. The stylish, slim charging station kiosk is designed to accommodate the limited space criteria in city parking slot. More

10kW Smart Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

10kW Smart Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

An efficient charging station network is essential for the market development of Electric Vehicles (EVs). The required time and ranging distance per charge have ever been key concerns for relinquishing existing gasoline vehicles. In this project, an advanced charging control strategy was developed and proven in a charging station prototype. APAS is looking forward to cooperate with industry partners in contribution of EV charging station development for Hong Kong. More

Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) for EV

Li-ion batteries are high energy density in nature but not an ideal solution for frequent high power loads of typical loads of typical cycles. Although ultracapacitors have higher power density, extra-long charge-discharge cycle life, its energy density is relatively low. Such properties make ultracapacitors excellent complementary ESS devices to Li-ion battery for EV application. The newly developed HESS was tested with our in-house dynamometer. Since the ultracapacitor module shares most parts of the high current loads, the average current in Li-ion battery pack reduced. As a result, the battery life can be extended.More

Vehicle System Controller

Vehicle System Controller (VSC) coordinates driver inputs with powertrain sub-systems including Battery Management System (BMS) and Motor Control Unit (MCU). It plays a crucial role in management of energy flow for optimized and safety. It also handles brake force distribution between regenerative braking feature and hydraulic brake. APAS's VSC takes functional safety into design consideration and provides component failure coverage. More

Single-deck Pure Electric Bus

The 12-meter single-decker electric bus is equipped with high efficiency Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM). The lightweight body shell is made of T6 grade aluminum alloy. The integrated motor controller can be fine-tuned and suitable for Hong Kong and Mainland China Market.More

Electrical Power Assisted Steering for EV and HEV

Electrical Power Assisted Steering for EV and HEV

Electric power steering (EPS) systems have attracted much attention for their advantages with respect to improved fuel economy and have been widely adopted as automotive power-steering equipment in recent years. EPS have many advantages over traditional hydraulic power steering systems in engine efficiency, space efficiency, and environmental compatibility. More

Low Cost Direct Drive for Electric Vehicles

Low Cost Direct Drive for Electric Vehicles

Nowadays most of the electric vehicles (EV) use one motor to drive either two front or rear wheels. In this project, an innovative technology was developed as to integrate the switched reluctance motor (SRM) into the wheel. It enables stronger torque, and the original bulky drivetrain mechanical compartment in the vehicle can be greatly reduced. It results the vehicle size to be more compact or the saved space can be spared for other car-design purposes. More