Green Transportation

Swappable Battery Pure Electric Minibus

The unique 7-meters 19-seaters Pure Electric Minibus is natively designed to cater for busy commercial vehicles operation in Hong Kong. The drained battery can be swapped quickly and fully automatically with a full-power battery in the swappable battery station. The Electric Minibus is no longer required to wait for long recharging time. This Electric Minibus has the low floor design which provides a safe, stable and comfortable journey to passengers. It also equips a monitoring system to send real-time operation data to fleet center. More

300kW Pantograph High Power Charging Station & Pure Electric Minibus

300kW Pantograph High Power Charging (HPC) Station supports international CCS OppCharge standard thereby fulfilling the busy turnaround cycles required by the commercial fleet operators. It only takes 8 minutes to charge the Pure Electric Minibus up to 80% battery level at the Pantograph HPC Station. The battery status of the minibus can be known in advance through Wi-Fi, so as to provide a suitable charging current. Pantograph HPC charging station also works for the 12-metre Hybrid Electric Coach developed by APAS, which takes 15 minutes to charge up to 80% battery and supports prolonged and emergent operations in hybrid mode.More

12 metre Plug-in Hybrid Electric Coach

The 12-metre Plug-in Hybrid Electric Coach, the-first-of-its-kind to be designed, developed and assembled in Hong Kong, can recharge its Lithium Titanate batteries on the fly, thereby fulfilling the busy turnaround cycles required by the commercial fleet operator. As compared to traditional diesel coaches, it can achieve at least 40% fuel saving and 50% reduction in emission. There will be further fuel saving when the batteries are recharged at the fast charging stations. It only needs 25 minutes to charge up to 80% battery level. More

16 tonne Pure Electric Truck

The 16-tonne Pure Electric Truck is equipped with a high efficiency Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) and high capacity battery pack for long range driving. The integrated motor controller and modular battery pack can be fine-tuned and are suitable for different driving ranges and road gradients commonly seen in Hong Kong and China. More

Single-deck Pure Electric Bus

The 12-meter single-decker electric bus is equipped with high efficiency Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM), lightweight body shell that made of T6 grade aluminum alloy, advanced Battery Management System (BMS), Smart Driving System, Vehicle Data Cloud Network Platform and aerosol fire extinguisher , which is fine-tuned and suitable for Hong Kong and Mainland China Market. More

Portable Charger Kit

The Portable Charger Kit (PCK) is a handheld electric vehicle charger. It replaces the traditional wall-mounted AC charger by using a PCK socket, which is small, low cost, easy to install and maintain. It uses a proprietary AC power socket with wireless authentication for medium to fast charging, reducing the need and cost to install numerous PCK sockets in car parks. More

Wireless Electric Vehicle Charger

The Wireless Electric Vehicle Charger (WEVC) charges the Electric Vehicle (EV) via the air by magnetic resonance. The WEVC transmits electrical energy from transmitter coil on the ground to the receiver coil on the EV chassis with high energy transfer efficiency. APAS has developed a high efficiency and safe WEVC with medium charging power and magnetic flux leakage protection. It is designed to the SAE standard J2954 on wireless power transfer and it is compatible to European, American, Japan and Chinese EVs. More

Smart Mobile EV Charger

Smart Mobile EV Charger is a mobilised charger that offers roadside assistance when the Electric Vehicle (EV) is out of power. It takes 4 minutes to give the battery-drained EV an extra 20 km mileage so that the EV can reach the nearest charging station for proper charging. More

50kW Fast Charging Station

Following its inaugural launch, the 50kW fast charging station with more robust features is introduced to facilitate Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption in Hong Kong. The station takes as fast as 20 minutes to charge an EV up for travelling 150km. It has attained international certification for its excellent performance of maintaining battery life, driving safety and compatibility with electricity networks. More

Smart EV Charging Station Load Management

The Smart EV Charging Station Load Management System monitors and analyses power usage of each Electric Vehicle (EV) charger in real-time connecting multiple parking spaces, optimizing the use of limited power. It provides rated power (100%) when there are only a few EVs. When more EVs are connected, the system can reduce power output of some chargers (e.g. 50%) so as to allocate additional power to the just-arrived vehicles. More

ISO26262 Compliant BMS

APAS Battery Management System (BMS) was re-developed in compliance with ISO 26262 ASIL C which is on par with the safety integrity level set by leading car makers. Detailed technical design was derived from holistic high level safety analyses including HARA, FTA, FMEA, HAZOP, etc. As a result of complying with state-of-the-art engineering practices, correctness and completeness of requirements, specifications and technical implementation were verified, the outcome is significant improvement in quality, reliability and safety – a hallmark of automotive electronic control system. More

Advanced and Integrated Motorcycle Electronic Fuel Injection System

The advanced and integrated electronic fuel injection system for motorcycle uses the sophisticated control algorithms to realize the optimum air-fuel ratio so as to fulfill the Euro-IV Emission Standard. The system is able to calibrate different types of motorcycle engines through the tailor-made tuning software. The system is also equipped with advanced On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) and Bluetooth module to help the driver to inspect the motorcycle operation status and diagnose the motorcycle faults as well as provide timely maintenance. More

Smart Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) System

The Smart Vehicle-to-Home System is to make Electric Vehicle (EV) batteries as energy storage devices for households. Installing with V2H system, the electrical power stored in the EV batteries can be transferred to households in peak hours when electricity is at high price. It helps save electricity cost and alleviate the high electricity demand in peak hours. More

High Efficiency Silicon Carbide (SiC) Motor Controller

Motor controller is used in vehicles with electric powertrains. It supplies battery power to the traction motor during operation and recharges the battery using energy recovered during deceleration. APAS has developed a 150kW high performance motor controller based on the latest Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology, with over 3% boost in efficiency and 30% boost in power density. More

Hybrid Energy Storage System (HESS) for EV

Li-ion batteries are high energy density in nature but not an ideal solution for frequent high power loads of typical cycles. Although ultracapacitors have higher power density, extra-long charge-discharge cycle life, its energy density is relatively low. Such properties make ultracapacitors excellent complementary ESS device to Li-ion battery for EV application. The newly developed HESS was tested with our in-house dynamometer. Since the ultracapacitor module shares most parts of the high current loads, the average current in Li-ion battery pack reduced. As a result, the battery life can be extended. More