Intelligent Systems

Retired EV Battery Mobile Charger

The Retired EV Battery Mobile Charger provides medium charging to Electric Vehicles (EV) or supplies AC electricity. Since a retired EV battery pack still has 60-80% of the original capacity, it can be useful for less demanding energy storage applications so as to extend the life cycle of EV battery. Besides, the real-time status information is uploaded to the backend server via mobile network. Administrators can log into the web portal to monitor and remote control on/off of the Mobile Charger. More

Smart Streetlight for V2X

The wireless Smart Street Light system uses sensors and data analytics to monitor traffic conditions to enable vehicle–to–everything (V2X) communication, including infrastructure. Apart from taking remote ON/OFF control, it measures voltage, current and power of each street light, monitoring its real-time status. Information will be uploaded to a central management system via mobile network. In case of malfunction, it will instantly and automatically alert engineers to arrange precautionary maintenance. More

The 2nd Generation MOST-150 In-vehicle Infotainment System

The 2nd generation in-vehicle infotainment system adopts the MOST-150 “Multiple ring networking technology”. The server on board connects to hundreds of high definition display terminals. Through synergy of software and hardware design as well as the provision of big data cloud service, the system will not only integrate more attractive features but also enhance the user experience. More

Full Digital Configurable TFT Instrument Cluster

The Full Digital Configurable Instrument Cluster Development Platform provides a highly flexible solution for the design of the instrumentation display. It consists of embedded hardware with full TFT display panel and PC based software design tool. The PC software tool facilities the design and simulate of logic and visual effect on the instrument cluster. It can also generate program source code for the embedded hardware. It allows design engineers to shorten the development time, deliver consistent and more reliable program code. More