Intelligent Systems

AI Master

The AI master can learn the working procedures from the human master in the workshop, and guide the apprentices’ work through identifying whether the fetched parts, or the assembled modules are correct in each processing step automatically. All the correct processing steps and the final product quality are secured through the monitoring and guidance of the AI master. Besides, the AI master can also be used to train new apprentices. More

Smart Taxi Meter

The smart taxi meter is part of an integrated system that provides a quality taxi hailing service. The system includes a re-designed smart taxi meter that features a 5-inch LCD touch display and cloud system that provides taxi hailing, electronic payment, digital receipt and fleet management functions. More

Smart Taxi Fleet Management and Ride-hailing System

This system enhances the current taxi fleet in Hong Kong by introducing the in-vehicle telematics device, smart taxi meter and dedicated backend cloud services. Thus, all taxis will stay connected to provide accurate and important data for fleet management and real-time ridehailing. Related data include video from the camera and vehicle status like speed and acceleration, altogether helping to monitor drivers' behaviour and status. Mobile applications for taxi drivers and passengers to facilitate better ride-hailing and matching services. More

Retired EV Battery Mobile Charger

The Retired EV Battery Mobile Charger provides medium charging to Electric Vehicles (EV) or supplies alternating current (AC) electricity. Since a retired EV battery pack still has 60-80% of the original capacity, it is still useful for less demanding energy storage applications so as to extend the life cycle of EV batteries. Besides, the real-time status information is uploaded to the backend server via mobile network. Administrators can monitor and remotely control the on/off of the Mobile Charger. More

Red Light Violation Warning System

The Red Light Violation Warning System utilises edge computing, AI and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology at a signalised intersection. Easy-to-install and cost effective, the system only comprises a camera with image processor, a Road Side Unit (RSU) and an On Board Unit (OBU) for detecting the on-coming vehicles’ locations, speeds, vehicle types and estimating the travelling time and required stop time at the same time. If the system predicts that a vehicle cannot stop securely in front of the stop line when traffic light is about to turn red, warning will be delivered. More


Remote Automatic Parking System

The remote automatic parking system is developed to improve parking efficiency for drive-by-wire vehicles from entrance to parking lots within confined areas. The steering, driving with gear shifting and braking system are all automatically controlled by smart multi-sensor fusion algorithms. It helps the vehicle navigate itself from entrance into a parking space with no driver intervention involved. It offers maximum space utilisation of parking facility by eliminating the driver and passengers from the vehicle parking process. More


Advanced embedded system to detect driver drowsiness instantly based on fusion of Artificial Intelligent image algorithm and sensors. It can provide audio alert to driver if any drowsiness is detected to enhance driving safety. This is a low-cost and low-power solution which can be easily installed in various automobiles. More

5G Tele-operation

5G tele-operation of an autonomous vehicle, the application utilises the advantages of 5G network technology: low latency and high data transfer rate to enable distant driving with high resolution video streaming of the traffic condition. Tested on various frequencies (3.5GHz / 4.9GHz / 26 – 28GHz) of 5G tele-operation technology, driver in the driving simulator controls a car with real time video streaming from the car regardless of the location, while enjoying realistic driving experience. More


Smart Electric Brake Booster

Brake Booster is a key device that increases the force applied from the brake pedal to the master cylinder during vehicle braking. The traditional vacuum brake booster utilises the pressure difference between atmosphere and vacuum to provide auxiliary force for the brake. APAS has developed a vacuum-independent, high performance, electric brake booster that meets the demand of a modern braking system. It can be used with all drivetrain configurations and is particularly suited to EVs and automated driving vehicles. More