Red Light Violation Warning System

The Red Light Violation Warning System utilises edge computing, AI and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology at a signalised intersection. Easy-to-install and cost effective, the system only comprises a camera with image processor, a Road Side Unit (RSU) and an On Board Unit (OBU) for detecting the on-coming vehicles’ locations, speeds, vehicle types and estimating the travelling time and required stop time at the same time. If the system predicts that a vehicle cannot stop securely in front of the stop line when traffic light is about to turn red, warning will be delivered.

Major Benefits

1. Used localised vehicle models in Hong Kong as the deep learning model

2. Detection accuracy up to 96%

3. Provide RLV alert before violating vehicle enters into the intersection region to allow more reaction time for all road users

Application Areas

1. Major traffic accident black spots of road intersections

2. Adapted to ordinary traffic light systems for upgrading to intelligent transport system