Autonomous Driving R&D Platform

The Autonomous Driving R&D Platform is equipped with robust drive-by-wire capability, Artificial Intelligence platform, HD cameras and 3D LiDAR. A 5G receiver is installed on the platform by CMHK, enabling it to be controlled through 5G signal. It is built with multiple levels of operational redundancy, putting functional safety as top priority. At any point, the driver can regain full control.

Major Benefits

1. Solve lack of drivers of certain commercial vehicles in Hong Kong

2. Improve safety by avoiding accident caused by drunk driving and distracted drivers

3. Enable V2X applications with 5G technology, including traffic management to improve throughput and safe traffic

Application Areas

1. Autonomous taxi, public bus and tractor

2. Low latency remote controlled driving and traffic management

3.Other autonomous mobile machines used indoor, e.g. mobile vending machine