[Award] APAS and HKPC for winning the Best Demonstration Project Award at the First “Hydrogen Sky Award”

Congratulation to HKPC won the Best Demonstration Project Award at the First “Hydrogen Sky Award” with its R&D Project “High-efficient Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hybrid System for Electric Forklifts” which was co-developed with APAS and Startec Limited.

The Project has integrated the hydrogen fuel cell hybrid system into the forklifts, successfully overcame the problems of traditional electric forklifts and provided a cleaner and more eco-friendly solution, demonstrating a broad application prospect. The hybrid system used hydrogen fuel cells to maintain the sustainable and stable operation of electric forklifts, while its hydrogen refueling program only takes 3 minutes, greatly reduced the downtime of the forklift. The equipped lithium battery can provide additional power for the forklift to accelerate, climb and lift heavy objects. Even if it runs out of fuel, the forklift is still able to drive to the nearest hydrogen refueling station by using electricity. Our developed hydrogen fuel cell hybrid system can also be adapted to different tonnages and types of electric forklifts.

“Hydrogen Sky Award” is a global selection activity directed by the China Association for Science and Technology, and co-organised by the World Green Design Organization and the Hydrogen 20 Summit Organising Committee, representing the highest honour in the global hydrogen energy industry. The Organising Committee had initially reviewed over 400 valid applications and organised a jury composed of domestic and foreign experts to select the winners, aiming to commend enterprises, individuals, products, technologies, models and applications that have made outstanding contributions to the development of hydrogen energy industry.